Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No One Tells you!

I No one tells you:
  • You will feel like a pack mule for your kids. (I found myself carrying 2 backpacks, a purse, 2 bibles, 2 jackets, a stuffed animals, and my one year old coming out of church tonight)
  • You lose all privacy that includes: showering, going to the bathroom, and so on.... (today in the shower, I finally thought I would enjoy a shower to myself and think, the kids were napping, amen! Well I get in, shut the curtain, and guess who comes home early, yes thats right my lovely husband and he wants to talk! I miss you too honey but please let me take this shower in peace!)
  • You will become a constant worrier: how they eat, what they eat, are they old enough to eat that, when can I introduce that in their diet, does it have sugar or any bad stuff, can they choke on that, have they gone #2 or how many #1's, and so on....( in other words, its amazing how much concern you can have for someones digestion and really more than you have for your own. I think that is enough said...haha)
  • You will find your child will think you are the best DR. in the world with just a kiss and bandaide. (Lexi tells me I am the best cooker and doctor all the time, I know it is coming from a 4 year old, but it feels good)
  • You will find your heart expand like you didn't know it could. ( there are no words to explain this, except remember how you felt when they placed the baby in your arms for the first time)
  • You will one day look at your child and wonder where the time has gone and be sad they are growing up. (like when your child will mispronouce something and you know its cute but wrong. Its a little bitter sweet when they start saying is correctly)
  • You will find compassion for other children and their parents you never had before becoming a parent. ( I thought I cried in movies before, try watching Losing Isaiah or Steel Magnolias after having a child.)
I could go on and on, and I am sure as my children grow this list will change, but believe me the good out weighs the bad. I waited so long to become a parent and really now I don't know why.

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