Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a great day!

What a blessed day! My day started out with making pancakes with my girls, and yes I finally tried chocolate chip pancakes for my lex and she loved it! Then I sent the girls off to play while I cleaned for a while, and I got a lot done. I am blessed that my girls love to play with each other. Actually, they are into playing "going camping" which they will end up in the bottom of my closet giggling. Then Addi took a nap Lexi helped me fold the laundry, and asked tons of questions. For example, Are you married to my Dad? Is Dad married to you? Can I marry Dad? We went to a wedding a few months ago and Lexi is mad about getting married, and I let her watch my wedding video which she insists on watching all the time. Anyways, the afternoon came and with it my 2 nieces Jenna and Hanna. We popped popcorn, and all watched Beauty and the Beast. I fixed supper and off to church. Church was wonderful tonight, one of song leaders picked some good songs which lifted me up, and I am so grateful. The sermon tonight was a parable from Matthew which I always enjoy those. After church, Seth and I went to see "The Blind Side" at the Caddo Rex. Which is the best little movie theatre! and the movie was GREAT! A wonderful feel good movie, which are my favorite! Thanks for a great day, Thanks for a great family, Thanks for my sister who stayed with my girls tonight, and Thanks for my church family.

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