Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alexis you are the butter to my bread!

I have never known a child to love butter as much as mine does. It's almost like Paula Deen has entered her soul....haha! There have been countless times I will ask what do you want for lunch today....her response.....Buttered bread please!?! So today for Lexi's snack I made her buttered bread, while I am buttering her bread. She says, Mom I love you sooooo much! How much do you love me? I turned and handed the buttered sandwich to a little girl with such a loving smile and said, Alexis Kalynn I love you this are the butter to my bread! You should have seen her gleam! absolutely precious!


  1. Adorable! Isn't it great how those little moments can make a child so happy. (Makes you wonder what happened to us as adults where we lost the interest in the little things in life?) I bet that's a moment she won't soon forget. Glad you wrote it down to be recorded forever!

  2. Thanks for the comment, just what I needed to keep this blogging going. I have really started enjoying this, but I told my husband I may quit because I didn't think anyone was reading me. So thank you! I have found this is a way for me to have an adult conversation even though it is with myself most of the time, but as a stay-at-mom I need this outlet.