Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have been cloth diapering my youngest full time for almost a year, I was using disposable and cloth and Addison's skin would not have it. So I can only use cloth now. I found a DIY toilet sprayer, because I didn't want to spend 50 for the kit. So Thanksgiving rolled around and my father-in-law is a handy guy and Seth was off that week so I told them I wanted a toilet sprayer. I also told them I found the instructions for DIY and the parts they needed saved on the computer. Seth and Charlie looked at me like I committed a serious crime and said I think we can do it without instructions, we have plumbed houses you know....typically men! So they go get the parts, and what do you know wrong sizes! So charlie goes back and still wrong size part. Thanksgiving came and gone and still no toilet sprayer! I told Seth not to get me anything for christmas but to get my toilet sprayer done. So he has been off for christmas and the day before Christmas eve, he said I'm going to Lowe's where is the instructions and the parts I need for the toilet sprayer, I wanted so badly to be a smart***, but I didn't because I know if I got sassy he may not give me what I needed.

My most favorite husband finally got the part he needed and installed my toilet sprayer for christmas! Hands down the best gift I received this year maybe the best gift ever! Love it Love it Love it! I don't see why everybody doesn't just use cloth after getting the toilet sprayer. The cost of disposable diapers and wipes and the thought of what they do to our earth is for the birds! Have I said how much I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you Seth! Mommy is a happy camper, I just wished I would have known about this when I had Lexi, maybe I should start a campaign...hahaha! If anyone reads this and has children still in diapers, use cloth and get a toilet sprayer! You see I've already started my campaign. Go.....C....D..... and don't forget the toilet sprayer!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks Great Grandma Viv!

My girls got the cutest dresses this christmas from their great grandma Vivian. Lexi begged to wear them to my mom's on christmas, but we waited for church on Sunday. They were soooo cute if I say so myself! Had a hard time getting them out of them. Thanks so much Viv! we love you!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My projects

I finished! I made party santa dresses for my girls, 2 quilt throws for my sister Danna, who takes everything back and for my darling Sister-in-law Shannon. Hope they liked them.

christmas eve

There is nothing like your momma's home cooking. We had home-made pizza for christmas eve dinner. I really think my mom should go in business. SSSOOOOO! YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa shopping

Yesterday I got to go finish up on (santa....sh!) gifts for the girls. As I am putting on my clothes, Lex comes up to me and asks; "Where are we going?" I respond: "We are not going. Mommy is going christmas shopping and you get to stay home with Addison and Daddy!) Her response: "Well Mom you and stay here and play with us, because Santa brings the gifts!"

And what a day I had, the things we do for our kids! I went to 3 different walmarts and one walmart I went in 3 times to get what I wanted. I should hope Lexi loves this bike that I worked so hard to get.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ragging out my mom's Christmas tree!

I just finished 20 feet of rag garland for my mother's tree last night, or should I say early this morning. I now have a thousand more things to get done before christmas. Anyways I had a ton of scraps from another project and I decided since my mother loves her patriotic christmas tree, thats what I would do. While I was ragging out with my mom's garland, I watched the "Story of US" oh my goodness I forgot that movie. The scene where (Meg Ryan) is talking to her girlfriends in the beginning is so funny! about the toilet paper roll being empty and men not changing it...."Does he not see it! DOES HE NOT SEE IT!!!"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lexi's first hunting experience

Ok so Saturday after thanksgiving SEth took Lexi for a hunting trip. She was soooo excited, but this was question number 1... Do I get to shoot it? ummmm, NO! was what I thought, but I refrained and said no, only daddy's get to shoot. number #2 Will he shoot a Doe, that's the mamma dear mom, or will he shoot the Buck, thats the daddy dear mom? WHAT!?! how did she already know that. Sorry Lex, not sure what you guys will see out there today. question #3 or more like a statement, Well mom I will be sure to not let him shoot any fawn's! Ok Lex! As you can see Daddy Seth has had plenty of time to explain too much!

This is what I get to hear when she gets back. Mom my feet hurt, the grass went through my shoes! I stayed under the tree with Dad, I was too scared to climb the ladder. I fell asleep on the ground, but Daddy woke me up and I saw a deers tail, it was a doe. I had so much fun!!! mom can I go again! please!?! Well I don't have to tell you, but Seth was so proud!!! hahaha

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my Addi loves her babies

So my youngest Addi loves Babies! And my intention for christmas was to get Addi a new baby and baby bed, because she loves to put the dolls to sleep and tell everyone sh! It's so cute! And then a couple of weeks ago a very very sweet lady at my church asked me if I would want an antique metal baby doll bed. I am so excited because I had decided to fix up this adorable bed for Addison. She delivered the bed when I was shopping black friday with my mom and sisters so Lexi has seen it and will not stop talking about it darn it! So yesterday I told Lexi I called one of Santa's elves and he was going to come get the bed late tonight and redo it for Addi and deliver it on christmas eve and we can't talk about it because it is our little secret. I can't believe it but Lexi totally has gone along with this! So for the next couple of weeks when the kiddos go to bed I will be at the sisters house redoing this metal bed and making a cushion for it. Wish me Luck!


What a sad looking group! You would think my kids would be more excited to get McDonalds, since they have been begging for old macdonalds(thats what Lex calls it) for a while. I was a little tired of the holiday stuff and needed a little grease. haha

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Addi's paperdoll quilt in the making.

First of all the date on the pic is wrong, I started a quilt for my youngest daughter Addison. She adores babies and loves this material. So when I first started she wouldn't leave the material alone so I could cut or sew or anything so I put together a quick small blankie and pillowcase and now free to actually work on the quilt. Its a slow process. what have I got myself into?

so I finally got a couple of things put together at this rate as you can see in the first pic. I have one block done only 30 something to go.
At this rate, Addi's quilt will be done when she graduates college.

Now my oldest Alexis wants to know where hers is?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ok so one of my neighbors has started mowing part of our back yard, which has really helped Seth out since he is sooooo busy in baseball right now. Lexi has been begging to make cupcakes so I thought perfect day to cook with my daughter with the rain and all. So we made the creamcheese, caramel cupcakes with brown sugar sprinkles( a wonderful tip I learned from a friend this last weekend!) We also made a card together and got on our galoshes and walked over and knocked , Lexi yells, Hey Frank, I made you a card come get it! Hey Frank, I got you some yummy cupcakes! no one was home. Lexi was terribly upset, Oh! NO! mom Frank is not going to get his card, he will not be suprised. Knock again MOther...! So I finally got her to stop the frantic plea and crying for Frank. I told her we would try again tomorrow so we walked home and it started raining on us. Lexi's crying started again once she realized the cupcakes were getting wet and then she stopped and smiled at me: She said I know mom I can eat these cupcakes and we can make new ones yesterday, is that a good idea? hahaha

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer time

Well my family and I just got back from Colorado. My 3 year old loves fishing, well I guess I should say she loved playing with the worms and casting. Her daddy has tied a stick to the end of her pole so she can practice her cast, needless to say its very hard to get her inside. We had a very good time, hope everyone had a great summer!