Sunday, August 29, 2010

update august 29th

Jennifer and I got to go the hospital today. Everyone is doing good, progressing steadily and we got lots of pics to share. Enjoy! I get to go spend the day with Kim and the twins tomorrow....yeah!

The first seven pics are of Colton!

Here is Kate!

Here are a couple of video's

august 28th update

The twins had a peaceful day. Kim got to hold Colton for the first time today, but he started sneezing and coughing. All he needed was his nose sucked out and then he was fine. The Doctor told John and Kim that the babies are out of the woods now just needing to weight and learn how to eat. They are still on feeding tubes, but the occupational therapist came by and talked to Kim about how to get them ready to eat. They may start that process in a couple of days. They are starting to gain a little. They are both over 3 lbs now and Colt is just 2 oz behind Kate.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 27th update

I talked to Kim and the babies are getting stronger and stronger. They did get the garden room in the hospital to be able to stay by their babies. The room is small, but allows them to be right by their twins. Colton slept in the room with Kim and John last night. Kim said he was very noisey with his little sounds and grunting. John and Kim had a hard time going to sleep, because every time he made a noise they wanted to check on him. He was being closely monitored by the nurses so finally Kim said she made herself sleep, and everyone was fine the next morning. John did start back to work so he will be driving back and forth.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

august 26th twins update

So this morning, Kate is off oxygen, and Colt is off his ventilator and just on oxygen. Oh! John changed his first poopy diaper! They are improving daily! There will be more to come tonight...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25th update on the Kate and Colt

Kate and Colt are both being treated for jaundice by the blue light. Jennifer said they look like avatar babies...haha!

Colton's ventilation rate was reduced, and his breathing is much improved. He is now eating milk, and sucking a pacifier. John changed his first diaper today!

Kate is off her ventilator and now in an incubator. Here are Kate's feet! and Kim holding her!They are all doing pretty good and since the babies are improving so is Kim's blood pressure. She will probably be discharged tomorrow, and hopefully the garden room will be available to her and John to stay in the hospital with their babies!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday evening august 24th update

The tests on Colt's lungs came back good and they got to pull the tubes. Colt is now down to 2 lbs 15oz , but he is very strong boy! Colton opened his eyes today, and his blond eyebrows are now very dark and he has dark hair on his head. Kate has lost 6 0z, and Kim got to hold Kate today for the first time for 1 & 1/2hour. Kate opened her eyes and lifted her head while Kim held her. Kate is now on full feedings and has her IV. Colt and Kate's veins on their hands kept collapsing so they put a picc valve on each of them and that should last 3-5 days. John also said Kate's hair is very dark.
Mom called and told me that the twins looked so much better today! I will going tomorrow and can't wait to see them again. I will take new pics and post tomorrow night for all of you!

God Bless, will get an another update in the morning.

Tuesday morning August 24th update

So the twins had a good night. Kate is coming off her C-pap this morning which will allow her to suck her pacifer again, and Kim might get to breast-feed sometime today or she will start taking a bottle. Kim has been pumping and they have been getting breast milk in their tubes. Colton had his drainage tubes cut off so they can x-ray his lungs this morning to see if the holes are closed up. Which we hope that will happen so he won't be in so much pain. The nurses told JP and Kim they have to keep him sedated until the tubes come out because it is very painful. Colt is also going under the blue light, showing signs of jaundice.

Kim's blood pressure are still in the upper 90's and they are working to keep her in the hospital until they get her blood pressure regulated and down.

Again thanks for your prayers and please keep it going! Stay tuned.....will update tonight.

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23rd update on the twins/Colt and Kate and Kim

Kim got to lay her hands on Colton this morning, and she told me it instantly calmed her down. Kim's blood pressure is still in the upper 90's so lets keep those prayers going. She is suppose to be released tomorrow, but when her Doctor comes in the morning and if blood pressure still high she is going to see if the Doc will hold off on releasing her.

All over today for the twins, was the most stable day so far. Kate sleep very peaceful and the blue light she was under all day for her jaundice has seemed to help because they took it away and said she didn't need it anymore. Kate has been getting breast milk, and they told Kim they were going to start Colt with breast milk today.

The hospital social worker came by today and told John and Kim they have one room for premature babies that will allow Mom and Dad to stay with their babies. It is being occupied right now, but she going to try to get available for JP and Kim since they live so far away. I pray that will work so Kim can stay close to precious little ones.

That is all for now, will update tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts!

Colt and Kate

Thursday August 19th, my sister-in-law was put on full bed rest. Her blood pressure was very very high. She is now at 32 weeks, and the babies are doing great. Friday august 20th, my mom and I go to their house to wash baby clothes and Kim is not feeling well. The Doctor's office called and the tests came back showing damage to her liver, and if blood pressure diastolic is over 95 come to L&D asap. She checked the blood pressure and was at 106, but didn't want to go to the hospital, but when JP came in Friday afternoon, they were told to go to hospital for monitoring. A few hours later, Kim was care flighted to Dallas Pres. Hospital. Me, Jen, Danna, Jason, our parents and Kim's waited patiently all night in the most uncomfortable chairs(haha) and about 4 am John came down stairs and said the babies are here. It was worth all the waiting, the babies are so precious!

Colton John, born first 3 lbs and .06 oz, 16 1/2 ". John said he looked like a frog when he came out, long and skinny and all legs.
Kathryn Grace 3 lbs 6 oz, 16 1/2". Their features are very similar. They have long long legs, long fingers, long toes and the cutest little noses!!!

My new nephew and niece are fighting strong. They are both on oxygen, Colt is on a ventilator and has tubes in both lungs and is being sedated to not fight the vent. and to get much needed rest to get strong and healthy. Kate is a little more mature than Colt, but now being treated for jaundice, and she sucked on a pappy last night. She seems to have attitude already, John is calling her little Jennifer. Kim is having blood pressure problems, but is doing really well, and she is such a good mommy! Please continue to pray for Kim and John and their new little bundles of joy!