Saturday, January 9, 2010

I scream! They scream for ICECREAM!!

My girls got a treat last night after dinner. They ate a good supper and cleaned their playroom, well Lexi does the cleaning and Addi tries to drag it right back out. Needless to say, Lexi screams a lot while trying to keep Addi out while she puts it back up. There is nothing like watching two little girls eating a chocolate icecream and giggling. I had to take pics because the coach was at a ballgame last night and thought I would share. Enjoy!

Ps, this has nothing to do with icecream, but this is Addi having a hissy and telling on her sister while I was folding clothes because Lexi has shut her out of the playroom frustrated she can't keep the room clean. It must be hard to be 1. haha!

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