Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are you ready for a laugh?

Alexis has a new joke, I warn you now its not funny to anyone but her. What's funny is how it cracks her up.
"Why did the Cow cross the road?"


"To find its milk!"

However, I went to visit my friend tonight and let my girls play with her girls. While they are enjoying a bowl of icecream she told the joke to my friend daughters and they all laughed and laughed, and they all started swapping jokes. None made sense but it was so fun to watch them giggle and be girls.

Monday, January 18, 2010

blessings for the school bus!

Alexis loves to say her prayers to our Lord! She is actually getting pretty good at it, but I think her prayer is too cute. We will sit down to eat, hold hands, and bow our heads, and this is Lexi's prayer as I can recall: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for my cousins and friends, thanks for the food and Jesus, thanks for my cousins, thanks for the school bus, thanks for the school, thanks for cousins and friends In Jesus name, AMEN and her sister Addison will shout a followed AME! Alexis prays daily for the school bus and school, but she has not attended yet. I wonder when she is old enough for school and the school bus she will so diligent to pray for them. I have even caught her at church during the prayer say under her breathe and the school bus. She has been crazy about school buses since I think she learned to talk, there is not a time that I can drive by a school bus that Lexi will not ask if she can ride one.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No One Tells you!

I No one tells you:
  • You will feel like a pack mule for your kids. (I found myself carrying 2 backpacks, a purse, 2 bibles, 2 jackets, a stuffed animals, and my one year old coming out of church tonight)
  • You lose all privacy that includes: showering, going to the bathroom, and so on.... (today in the shower, I finally thought I would enjoy a shower to myself and think, the kids were napping, amen! Well I get in, shut the curtain, and guess who comes home early, yes thats right my lovely husband and he wants to talk! I miss you too honey but please let me take this shower in peace!)
  • You will become a constant worrier: how they eat, what they eat, are they old enough to eat that, when can I introduce that in their diet, does it have sugar or any bad stuff, can they choke on that, have they gone #2 or how many #1's, and so on....( in other words, its amazing how much concern you can have for someones digestion and really more than you have for your own. I think that is enough said...haha)
  • You will find your child will think you are the best DR. in the world with just a kiss and bandaide. (Lexi tells me I am the best cooker and doctor all the time, I know it is coming from a 4 year old, but it feels good)
  • You will find your heart expand like you didn't know it could. ( there are no words to explain this, except remember how you felt when they placed the baby in your arms for the first time)
  • You will one day look at your child and wonder where the time has gone and be sad they are growing up. (like when your child will mispronouce something and you know its cute but wrong. Its a little bitter sweet when they start saying is correctly)
  • You will find compassion for other children and their parents you never had before becoming a parent. ( I thought I cried in movies before, try watching Losing Isaiah or Steel Magnolias after having a child.)
I could go on and on, and I am sure as my children grow this list will change, but believe me the good out weighs the bad. I waited so long to become a parent and really now I don't know why.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I scream! They scream for ICECREAM!!

My girls got a treat last night after dinner. They ate a good supper and cleaned their playroom, well Lexi does the cleaning and Addi tries to drag it right back out. Needless to say, Lexi screams a lot while trying to keep Addi out while she puts it back up. There is nothing like watching two little girls eating a chocolate icecream and giggling. I had to take pics because the coach was at a ballgame last night and thought I would share. Enjoy!

Ps, this has nothing to do with icecream, but this is Addi having a hissy and telling on her sister while I was folding clothes because Lexi has shut her out of the playroom frustrated she can't keep the room clean. It must be hard to be 1. haha!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a great day!

What a blessed day! My day started out with making pancakes with my girls, and yes I finally tried chocolate chip pancakes for my lex and she loved it! Then I sent the girls off to play while I cleaned for a while, and I got a lot done. I am blessed that my girls love to play with each other. Actually, they are into playing "going camping" which they will end up in the bottom of my closet giggling. Then Addi took a nap Lexi helped me fold the laundry, and asked tons of questions. For example, Are you married to my Dad? Is Dad married to you? Can I marry Dad? We went to a wedding a few months ago and Lexi is mad about getting married, and I let her watch my wedding video which she insists on watching all the time. Anyways, the afternoon came and with it my 2 nieces Jenna and Hanna. We popped popcorn, and all watched Beauty and the Beast. I fixed supper and off to church. Church was wonderful tonight, one of song leaders picked some good songs which lifted me up, and I am so grateful. The sermon tonight was a parable from Matthew which I always enjoy those. After church, Seth and I went to see "The Blind Side" at the Caddo Rex. Which is the best little movie theatre! and the movie was GREAT! A wonderful feel good movie, which are my favorite! Thanks for a great day, Thanks for a great family, Thanks for my sister who stayed with my girls tonight, and Thanks for my church family.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alexis you are the butter to my bread!

I have never known a child to love butter as much as mine does. It's almost like Paula Deen has entered her soul....haha! There have been countless times I will ask what do you want for lunch today....her response.....Buttered bread please!?! So today for Lexi's snack I made her buttered bread, while I am buttering her bread. She says, Mom I love you sooooo much! How much do you love me? I turned and handed the buttered sandwich to a little girl with such a loving smile and said, Alexis Kalynn I love you this much....you are the butter to my bread! You should have seen her gleam! absolutely precious!

Friday, January 1, 2010

dress-up and new year eve!

Alexis, my 4 year old, loves her dress up! She put together this outfit and then did a little performance with her"kittle dum" as she calls it. Which is a skittle tin lid getting beat down with a little plastic spoon. You wouldn't think something so small could make that much noise, but let me assure you guys it does!

Ok so this is what entertainment I got while getting ready to go celebrate new years eve with our church family. I made seven-layer dip and honey bars. My honey bars would have been a perfect pan except when I got out of the oven someone, and not naming names, knocked the salt shaker on it. So needless to say, I had a big dent in one corner.

We had lots of fun, the kiddos where caught jumping on the tables in the class room while the adults were eating and playing games. HAHA so happy new year Everyone!