Monday, January 18, 2010

blessings for the school bus!

Alexis loves to say her prayers to our Lord! She is actually getting pretty good at it, but I think her prayer is too cute. We will sit down to eat, hold hands, and bow our heads, and this is Lexi's prayer as I can recall: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for my cousins and friends, thanks for the food and Jesus, thanks for my cousins, thanks for the school bus, thanks for the school, thanks for cousins and friends In Jesus name, AMEN and her sister Addison will shout a followed AME! Alexis prays daily for the school bus and school, but she has not attended yet. I wonder when she is old enough for school and the school bus she will so diligent to pray for them. I have even caught her at church during the prayer say under her breathe and the school bus. She has been crazy about school buses since I think she learned to talk, there is not a time that I can drive by a school bus that Lexi will not ask if she can ride one.

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