Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have been cloth diapering my youngest full time for almost a year, I was using disposable and cloth and Addison's skin would not have it. So I can only use cloth now. I found a DIY toilet sprayer, because I didn't want to spend 50 for the kit. So Thanksgiving rolled around and my father-in-law is a handy guy and Seth was off that week so I told them I wanted a toilet sprayer. I also told them I found the instructions for DIY and the parts they needed saved on the computer. Seth and Charlie looked at me like I committed a serious crime and said I think we can do it without instructions, we have plumbed houses you know....typically men! So they go get the parts, and what do you know wrong sizes! So charlie goes back and still wrong size part. Thanksgiving came and gone and still no toilet sprayer! I told Seth not to get me anything for christmas but to get my toilet sprayer done. So he has been off for christmas and the day before Christmas eve, he said I'm going to Lowe's where is the instructions and the parts I need for the toilet sprayer, I wanted so badly to be a smart***, but I didn't because I know if I got sassy he may not give me what I needed.

My most favorite husband finally got the part he needed and installed my toilet sprayer for christmas! Hands down the best gift I received this year maybe the best gift ever! Love it Love it Love it! I don't see why everybody doesn't just use cloth after getting the toilet sprayer. The cost of disposable diapers and wipes and the thought of what they do to our earth is for the birds! Have I said how much I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you Seth! Mommy is a happy camper, I just wished I would have known about this when I had Lexi, maybe I should start a campaign...hahaha! If anyone reads this and has children still in diapers, use cloth and get a toilet sprayer! You see I've already started my campaign. Go.....C....D..... and don't forget the toilet sprayer!

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