Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lexi's first hunting experience

Ok so Saturday after thanksgiving SEth took Lexi for a hunting trip. She was soooo excited, but this was question number 1... Do I get to shoot it? ummmm, NO! was what I thought, but I refrained and said no, only daddy's get to shoot. number #2 Will he shoot a Doe, that's the mamma dear mom, or will he shoot the Buck, thats the daddy dear mom? WHAT!?! how did she already know that. Sorry Lex, not sure what you guys will see out there today. question #3 or more like a statement, Well mom I will be sure to not let him shoot any fawn's! Ok Lex! As you can see Daddy Seth has had plenty of time to explain too much!

This is what I get to hear when she gets back. Mom my feet hurt, the grass went through my shoes! I stayed under the tree with Dad, I was too scared to climb the ladder. I fell asleep on the ground, but Daddy woke me up and I saw a deers tail, it was a doe. I had so much fun!!! mom can I go again! please!?! Well I don't have to tell you, but Seth was so proud!!! hahaha

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