Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my Addi loves her babies

So my youngest Addi loves Babies! And my intention for christmas was to get Addi a new baby and baby bed, because she loves to put the dolls to sleep and tell everyone sh! It's so cute! And then a couple of weeks ago a very very sweet lady at my church asked me if I would want an antique metal baby doll bed. I am so excited because I had decided to fix up this adorable bed for Addison. She delivered the bed when I was shopping black friday with my mom and sisters so Lexi has seen it and will not stop talking about it darn it! So yesterday I told Lexi I called one of Santa's elves and he was going to come get the bed late tonight and redo it for Addi and deliver it on christmas eve and we can't talk about it because it is our little secret. I can't believe it but Lexi totally has gone along with this! So for the next couple of weeks when the kiddos go to bed I will be at the sisters house redoing this metal bed and making a cushion for it. Wish me Luck!

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