Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ok so one of my neighbors has started mowing part of our back yard, which has really helped Seth out since he is sooooo busy in baseball right now. Lexi has been begging to make cupcakes so I thought perfect day to cook with my daughter with the rain and all. So we made the creamcheese, caramel cupcakes with brown sugar sprinkles( a wonderful tip I learned from a friend this last weekend!) We also made a card together and got on our galoshes and walked over and knocked , Lexi yells, Hey Frank, I made you a card come get it! Hey Frank, I got you some yummy cupcakes! no one was home. Lexi was terribly upset, Oh! NO! mom Frank is not going to get his card, he will not be suprised. Knock again MOther...! So I finally got her to stop the frantic plea and crying for Frank. I told her we would try again tomorrow so we walked home and it started raining on us. Lexi's crying started again once she realized the cupcakes were getting wet and then she stopped and smiled at me: She said I know mom I can eat these cupcakes and we can make new ones yesterday, is that a good idea? hahaha

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