Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday morning August 24th update

So the twins had a good night. Kate is coming off her C-pap this morning which will allow her to suck her pacifer again, and Kim might get to breast-feed sometime today or she will start taking a bottle. Kim has been pumping and they have been getting breast milk in their tubes. Colton had his drainage tubes cut off so they can x-ray his lungs this morning to see if the holes are closed up. Which we hope that will happen so he won't be in so much pain. The nurses told JP and Kim they have to keep him sedated until the tubes come out because it is very painful. Colt is also going under the blue light, showing signs of jaundice.

Kim's blood pressure are still in the upper 90's and they are working to keep her in the hospital until they get her blood pressure regulated and down.

Again thanks for your prayers and please keep it going! Stay tuned.....will update tonight.

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