Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23rd update on the twins/Colt and Kate and Kim

Kim got to lay her hands on Colton this morning, and she told me it instantly calmed her down. Kim's blood pressure is still in the upper 90's so lets keep those prayers going. She is suppose to be released tomorrow, but when her Doctor comes in the morning and if blood pressure still high she is going to see if the Doc will hold off on releasing her.

All over today for the twins, was the most stable day so far. Kate sleep very peaceful and the blue light she was under all day for her jaundice has seemed to help because they took it away and said she didn't need it anymore. Kate has been getting breast milk, and they told Kim they were going to start Colt with breast milk today.

The hospital social worker came by today and told John and Kim they have one room for premature babies that will allow Mom and Dad to stay with their babies. It is being occupied right now, but she going to try to get available for JP and Kim since they live so far away. I pray that will work so Kim can stay close to precious little ones.

That is all for now, will update tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts!

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