Friday, September 3, 2010

update update, read all about it!

So much has changed since the last post. The twins are beautiful and GREAT! I will start with Colton! He is up to 3 lbs 7.9 ozs, eating 27 cc's in one feeding, he is off his oxygen tube, and they have moved the feeding tube to his nose. Here is before and after pic Monday and then last night. The first 2 pics are on Monday and then 3rd pic is from last night. You can see a definate change. He is filling out and less wires. Not that you can see, but he is more peaceful! He loves to be talked too and he moves his little head around now. He is wonderful, I just want to hold him and love on him.

Ok so now for Kate. She is 3 lbs and 11 oz, eating great, and she is so alert! She has been nuzzling with mom, taking a bottle now a couple of times, and it will be no time before she can nurse. She is an absolute doll. I am not bias by my nephew and niece at all but they are sooooo pretty! hahaha! I'm serious really they are!

So the best news is that they all may me moved today to level 2 care. Which means the babies are doing so great they don't need the NICU, and more room for Kim and John.

Kim is doing wonderful too, just trying to schedule her pumping and diaper changing and holding her babies as much as she can. She does have her hands full, tired and overwhelmed. John and Kim share and sleep on a fold out couch that makes a twin. Not sure how a woman can share a twin after an emergency c-section with twins. She is a strong woman! Lets all pray for the tired parents and for continued improvement on the babies health!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Not sure when I will get to post next, but I will try to get something on here over the weekend. God Bless!

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